Converting an Electric Lawn Mower into a Push Mower with Larger Wheels

Tips for Repairing Your Push Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are a great tool to have because they make it easier to maintain your yard. But, sometimes the terrain can be difficult for some types of lawn mowers. For example, larger wheels allow you to go over uneven ground more easily than small wheels do. If you want an easy way to convert your electric lawnmower into a push type without having to buy an entirely new one, we will show you how! Many people wonder – can i put larger wheels on my push lawn mower and yes you can!

Can I Put Larger Wheels On My Push Lawn Mower

The first thing you need to do is take off the electric mower’s wheels. You may find that they are held on by screws, or will snap right off if there is enough space in between them and the rest of the mower (if not, use a hammer). Then measure how far apart your new wheels should be from each other. This measurement will depend on how wide your lawnmowers frame is – so you’ll have to make sure it can handle as much weight as necessary before adding any extra parts! Ideally these measurements would be half an inch wider than what was originally measured when figuring out where everything lined up with regard to one another. Now get two pieces of wood about five inches long and nail them into place for the new wheels to rest on. You may need a nail gun for this step, but it’s worth the effort! After you’ve done that, make sure everything is lined up and drill two holes through each of your wood pieces so they can be secured by screws or nails. Finally take some grease (or oil) and put it in between any wooden parts where friction will happen – like the wheel axles with the frame of course.

Possible Problems: If you find that these measurements are too big, don’t worry! It might just mean that there needs to be another piece added onto the bottom part of your lawn mower instead. This could be anything from an extra board nailed into place horizontally underneath one side at its end points.